Eight-year old Dakota and her father share a family bond that is nearly unbreakable. However, she must now deal with his recent departure to the Army and face the trials that come with their separation from one another.

| CREW |
Executive Producer: Jubilee Project, Taylor Matsunaga, Tiger Souvannakoumane
Director: Josh Jackson
Producer: Eleanor Cho
Writer: Jenine Pastores
Director of Photography / Editor: Arnold Lan
Original Score by: Matthew Liu
Script Advisors: Ivan Tsang, Soy Kim
Campaign Director / BTS / Wardrobe: Jenine Pastores
Assistant Director / Assistant Camera & Editor / Trailer Editor: Eleanor Cho
Production Assistants: Matt Xiong, Kevin Young, Kara Ahn, Ethan Ahn, Joseph Yao, Kyle Tsukahira
Choreographer: Adrienne Malena

| CAST |
Oceane Bucaille as DAKOTA
Rob Weissman as DAKOTA’S FATHER
Monique Oberholzer as DAKOTA’S MOTHER
Justin Claiborne as IVAN
Cindy Sterling as OLDER DAKOTA

Dylan Boyd
Tyler Boyd

Original Film Score by: Matthew Liu
Hannah Song – PIANO
Trey Stricklin – OBOE
Muning Huang – VIOLIN
Clara McMahon – VIOLA
Will Gibbs – DOUBLE BASS

Whitney High School
Quest Dance Studio
Rod Ziolkowski
Ivan Tsang
Kevin Nguyen
Ann Claiborne
Joseph Yao
Tiger Souvannakoumane
Taylor Matsunaga
Eugene Choi
Kevin Nguyen
Jason Y. Lee
Jean Rheem
Elaine Zhou
Soy Kim
Jason Hwang

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