A series of love letters in the form of photo-illustrations from around the world.

Ever since I was a little boy, I wanted to get married. At the time I didn’t even understand what marriage was, but seeing two people look the best and happiest I have ever seen them left quite the impression on little Arnold. Since then I have wanted to get married, and the more I learn about marriage and the covenant promise that is made during marriage, the more excited I am to one day be married. To be fully understood, and fully loved, is a desire we all have and hope for, but only after being first loved by the One who is capable of unconditional love, we can love. That was what sparked me to create this project. The dialogue added as captions underneath each picture is just a fun little addition that brings life to the picture.

Combining my dream of getting married with my love for traveling, I’ve been collaborating with different illustrators to produce the pictures. They represent love letters to our future spouses while showing that these women can be and do anything they want – even to the point of defying physics or logic. These pictures are not meant to idolize marriage but to inspire hope in each one of us for one of the most beautiful promises in the world. We hope you enjoy our series!

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Michelle Bae
Allison Soong
Leslie Leung
Grace Kwok
Teresa Jiang